On Yer Feet

Howard Adair

Howard Adair - Drums and Vocals

A clean, tight drum sound drives the beat in every song. Howard has played Jazz, Rock, Pop and Country but his Rock 'n Roll rhythms are what make On Yer Feet a solid dance band. Howard must style himself as a regular Phil Collins, as he sings some lead vocal and harmonises on many numbers. He holds the band together when Tim floats into another fabulour guitar solo and his smooth talking Irish lilt will soothe even the rowdiest of crowds, to make that On Yer Feet gig a night to remember.

Alison Coleman

Alison Coleman - Saxophone and Vocals

Alison is lead vocalist for about half of On Yer Feet's songs. She can sing melodic pieces like 'The wind cries Mary' by Jimi Hendrix to rocking numbers by Tina Turner such as 'Steamy Windows'. When she is not singing, her smooth saxophone gives depth, punch and soul to many songs which allows On Yer Feet to cover artists like the Blues Brothers and James Brown. Alison is also involved in other projects including choirs, orchestrial pieces, poetry and drama.

Nigel Agate

Nigel Agate - Bass and Vocals

Rock solid bass by Nigel keeps you on your feet all night. His pumping sound will hold you on the dance floor and supplies the all important depth and structure that makes On Yer Feet so popular. Usually inconspicuous in the back, the band would be lost without his driving rhythmic bass and backing vocals.

Tim Beckham

Tim Beckham - Guitar and vocals

Tim is an extremely gifted and versatile guitarist with many years of experience behind him. He joined On Yer Feet in 2011.