On Yer Feet

It's advisable to book well ahead to get On Yer Feet for your venue. They often have bookings 6 or 9 months in advance, but also have been known to fill a gap with only a couple of days notice.

Usually the phrase is 'you get what you pay for' but On Yer Feet delivers more than you would expect for their cost. Rockin' pub gig, weddings, celebrations, parties or larger functions... Whatever the occasion, you can count on the band to deliver a great show that is excellent value for money.

Please contact Howard to discuss and arrange bookings and fees.

Howard Adair howard@onyerfeet.co.uk
  01970 622097 day
  01974 821365 evenings
Alison Coleman alison@onyerfeet.co.uk
  01654 781253
Nigel Agate nigel@onyerfeet.co.uk
  01974 251357
Tim Beckham tim@onyerfeet.co.uk
  01970 627583